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Jewish Gifts by Contemporary Israeli Artists

Hundred of thousands of Jewish immigrants live in Israel, a state that was established as a homeland for all Jews. They emigrated from all across the world. This cultural diversity finds its expression in the unique mix of elements found in the local art that includes oriental and western influences – a very common feature in Israeli gifts designs. Many Jews choose to purchase Israeli made products as a way to support the state of Israel and the Israeli people.

Israeli made gifts, like all Israeli products meet high quality standards. Many of them have unique features not available anywhere else. Purchasing Israeli products have a social value since it carries a strong impact on the Israeli economy and on Israel's ability to overcome many obstacles . The web provides you with an immediate access to an overwhelming selection of unique Jewish  gifts by the best names who currently work in Israel.

Israeli Jewelry Designers

Jewish jewelry , inspired by Jewish and Israeli symbolism, is a field in high demand within the niche of Israeli gifts, producing some of the most popular Israeli gifts for customers from all over the world. There are two major kinds of Jewish jewelry artists: fashion Jewish jewelry designers and symbolic jewelry designers. Fashion Jewish jewelry artists often like to stay in tune with the current fashion trends and their designs are by no means of strict religious affiliation. In this niche, we can find several of the most successful Israeli jewelry designers who work today.

One of the best known artists is Orna Lalo. Lalo, a Shenkar graduate, is known for her playful spirit and imaginative eye. Lalo's Jewelry collection can be easily recognized by Lalo's signature look. Lalo creates chic jewelry for women that have a playful sense of fashion. Her exceptional collections include colorful necklaces, several in retro style, earrings, and rings, all of which are handmade in Israel from natural materials. Lalo's items are sold by Canaan Online.

Adina Plastelina is a famous Israeli Studio design, well exemplifies how current fashion designers combine the old with nevou. This studio that is located in the old city of Jaffa, creates its innovative designs using an ancient technique - the Millefiori process. The Millefiori process, which literally means "a thousand flowers", is an ancient glasswork technique that produces distinctive polished patterns. Though originally applied on glassware,  Millefiori process is applied on polymer clay and silver. The result is most extraordinary colorful items with a lustrous appearance.

Other artists focus on jewelry that carries a symbolic significance by incorporating prominent Jewish motifs, such as the Star of David, Hamsa hand, the seven species that the land of Israel was blessed with and more. The Hamsa hand, also known in Jewish tradition as the Hand of Miriam or the protective hand of God is believed to protect against the evil eye and bless the ones who keep it with good fortune. Israeli Design studio, HaAri Jewelry gives a special attention to Kabbalist jewelry. Check their official site .

Many of the pendants in HaAri Jewelry's original designs are inscribed with Hebrew words from sacred Jewish and Kabbalist texts. A popular theme in Kabbalah inspired jewelry is the 72 names of God which is considered by Kabbalah as a tool that enhances positive changes in our lives.
One of God's 72 sacred names, Alef-Lamed-Dalet is believed, like the Hamsa hand, to ward off the evil eye.Another great example would be MIZZE Jewelry - Made for Luck who creates a wide variety of handmade jewelry for good fortune and blessings such as this Hamsa bracelet. Check their beautiful collection of Handmade Kabbalah Jewelry.


Hamsa Hand designs make some of the most popular gifts by Israeli designers. This popular symbol is used as a decoration on many kinds of objects and in home and office spaces. Blessings for the home in Hebrew and in English are very popular Israeli gifts and so are amulets and even key rings. Other popular Israeli gifts are ritual objects: Shabbat Candlesticks, Tefilin, Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl), Torah Pointer and more.

Ritual objects make popular gifts for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. Check this beautiful mezuzah case by Israeli Judaica designer Danon:

Yair Emanual, for example, incorporates Jewish and Israeli motifs, as the breathtaking landscape of Jerusalem, in his wonderful, colorful designs that immediately capture the eye.  Best prices on Judaica 7.

Other ritual objects that give a great idea for useful gifts from Israel come from the Jewish holidays. On Rosh Hashana, common Israeli gifts are honey dishes or Rosh Hashana plates. On Hanukkah, many people like to give uniquely designed menorahs that are also very popular as weddings gifts. To celebrate the spring, Judaica designers have made a broad selection of Seder plates in many materials and styles. Indeed, Israeli Judaica artists make a great contribution to the wide selection of originally designed Israeli gifts for the various occasions in the Jewish home.

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