Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Modern Jewish Gift - A Car Mezuzah: Get Some Protection inside Your Vehicle

A new item can be found in the niche of modern Jewish art. Have you heard about car Mezuzahs? More and more Jewish shops are selling them because more Jewish people are taking an interest in them. You may be wondering what a car Mezuzah is. It’s important to understand what a Mezuzah is first.

What is a Mezuzah ?

Essentially, a Mezuzah is placed up on the door posts inside Jewish homes. The Mezuzah holds just a roll of parchment that is inscribed by hand with certain Torah verses, which the Jews affix on their door. However, there are some rules regarding the Mezuzah production.  What are the rules?

- A kosher scroll inside the Mezuzah must be written by a Sofer Stam must use a black inedible ink with a special quill.
- It must contain verses that derive from the Torah:   The Vehaya (Deuteronomy 11: 13 – 21) and Shema (Deuteronomy 6: 4 -9).

 Mezuzah scrolls are to be kept inside a protective sheath that’s created using durable materials known as a Muzuzot. These are then placed onto the doorposts of all rooms of Jewish homes, property and business places. The only room not given Mezuzahs is the bathroom.

What Is The Car Mezuzahs Used For

The act of a Mezuzah hanging is a Mitzvah. Both the Vehaya and Shema verses mention the need to place the Mezuzah on the door posts of Jewish homes  It’s there to remind them about God’s presence and a declaration to accept his reward.

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Modern-day Jews feel the same thing needs to be done with the vehicles they drive. Thus, the reason the car Mezuzah was born. They’re placed either on dashboards or on the inner part of the door. They’re created in the same fashion as regular Mezuzahs using real Sofer stam.  Any mistake with the inscription process could make car Mezuzahs invalid. Thus, real Sofers are needed to do the inscription process.

There are all kinds of theories about whether or not a car Mezuzah is actually needed. However, it’s up to every person to have one or not. The majority of the items with car Mezuzot and Mezuzah are created with ornamental casings that are emblazoned with Hebrew letters. These things tend to consist of precious metals and adorned with ornamental precious stones. It’s not uncommon for car Mezuzahs to have the Torah traveling prayers engraved on the casing to protective drivers from harm.

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