Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeusalem Kiddush Cup : Welcome Shabbat with the Images of the Holy City

Friday evening in the Jewish home is a special time in which the entire family gathers around the table welcomes the Shabbat.  The ritual that sanctifies the Shabbat is known by its Hebrew name - the Kiddush, and is part of Kabbalah Shabbat.During the service blessings are recited over a cup of wine and a loaf of bread (Challah) .

Why to perform a Kiddush?
This service is meant to observe one of the requirements asked in the Ten Commandments that were given to us by God: to remember the Shabbat (“Shamor”) and acknowledge its uniqueness.  While blessing is recited by the head of the family, a wine is poured into a Kiddush cup. Following recitation of blessings, each member of the family at their turn drinks from the Kiddush cup.

According  the Jewish principle  any cup will do for Kiddush, even the simplest one. However, to honor the Shabbat, a goblet is often used. This is a Jewish principle commonly known as hiddur mitzvah which expresses the will to lovingly embrace religious practice. Blessing over a fine Kiddush cup thus serves as a way to glorify the Shabbat. Artistic Kiddush cups are given as gifts   for many Jewish occasions   such as  Jewish holidays, weddings and housewarmings.

Jerusalem Inspired Kiddush Cups

I've chosen to bring your here several Kiddush cups that include Jerusalem as a central motif. .  Whether Orthodox, Reform, Secular or outside of any religious definition, Jewish people from the wide spectrum of Jewish identities keep Jerusalem close to their heart .
Hundred thousands of Jews  come to Israel every year to visit the holy city of Jerusalem, Numerous holy sites, such as the Tower of David and the Wailing Wall is a source of inspiration to believers as well as Jewish artists. This magnificent Kiddush cup is carved with the beautiful images of Jerusalem on silver. You can find these items and more here: Judaica 7 - Kiddush Cups Products.

You can find beatiful Kiddush cup in a wide range of assorted materials and prices. Below is a hand painted wooden cup by Israeli artist Yair Emanuel.

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