Monday, November 2, 2009

Hanukkah menorah -traditional or modern?

How to choose Hanukkah menorah that best meets your needs?

If you are looking to buy a new menorah as a gift to someone or yourself, first you need to decide which style you prefer, traditional or modern.

Judiaca artists have created an overwhelming selection of Hanukkah menorahs in assorted materials and styles. Some designers and Judaica admirers prefer classic Hanukkah menorahs. Traditional Hanukkah menorahs usually include prominent Jewish motifs as the Star of David or the landscape of Jerusalem. The Israeli museum in Jerusalem has also created a replica of early 20th century Polish Hanukkah menorah which is truly remarkable. You can get many kinds of traditional Hanukkah menorah in affordable prices.

Another option would be contemporary designs. Contemporary Judaica artists have used their imagination to create Hanukkah menorahs in unusual and surprising designs. For example you can find Hanukkah menorah shaped as dreidels or a tree  - click here for more details. One of the most popular designs from the Israeli market is the Tzuki menorahs, in which family members stand as candleholders. Imagination has no limit!

If you're looking for something in between, I suggest you take a look at Ester Shahaf's menorahs.

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