Sunday, October 25, 2009

Israeli Judaica

In the last decade, contemporary Judaica art has become a field in high demand. Contemporary designers aspire to design religious articles in a way that would be unique and unusual. Modern Judiaca artists combine modern art with ancient Jewish traditions. It is exactly this combination that makes them so unique. Israeli artists make some of the best known names in the field of Judaica art. By adding a dimension of israeli symbolism, these designers make a significant contribution to the wide selection of judiaca artworks. Contemorary Jewish art include mezuzahs, Passover Seder Plates, Hanukah menorahs, designed editions of prayer books and much more. Judiaca artworks make a great source for Jewish gifts for many kinds of occasions.

Amonng notable Israel Judaica artists you can find Tzuki Design. Their works can be easily recognized by their cheery colors and humor. The family tree Hanukkah menorah is one of the best selling Judaica artworks by Israeli artist. In his unique modern style, Shraga Landesman works expressed his yearning forthings that have long lost in the world. I also like to mention one of the best known Israeli artists - Yair Emanuel who borrows from the scenery of Jerusalem. My personal favorite Israeli Judaica desginer is Yossi Steinberg.

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