Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jewish Gifts for Your Mother

Every mother appreciates a gift from her child. Moms don’t want their children to go out of their way to buy something overly pricey. What they prefer is for their child to get a gift that is simple yet heavy in symbolical meaning. This can be just about anything; just the fact that it came from you will make it sentimental. However, if you can get the gift personalized, then it will give it even more meaning and make it that much more cherishable.

Jewish gifts such as jewelry often make great gift ideas. Kabbalah jewelry is one accessory that you can get that will make a great present for Mother’s Day or just whenever you want to show your mother that you appreciate her.

Designed Kabbalah jewelry for women

Kabbalah jewelry can take on various shapes and forms. Bracelets, rings and necklaces are the most common, but there are also earrings, anklets and even hair pieces available that can be found in most Judaica shops.

Bracelets and necklaces are often the first choices that people consider when getting a jewelry gift. They are easy to wear and are easily visible, which makes them great when wearing them for fashion.

With the diverse selection of jewelry available, you can pick out the piece that would be perfect for your mother based on the type of band and charms that are included.

 Red String Kabbalah bracelet

A red thread is the most common band used in Kabbalah bracelets. This is symbolical of the red string that was tied around Rachel’s Tomb. Rachel herself was also a devoted mother to Joseph and Benjamin, so a bracelet with a red band would make a terrific present for your mother. If you prefer, there are also bands made from gold and silver chains. If you opt for a ring or a bracelet with a solid band, then you can get a message inscribed in Hebrew. The message can express what your mother means to you.

Handmade Kabbalah jewelry can also include pendants and lockets. This may come with a trinket that can be opened with a small photo stored inside. The outer portion of the trinket may take the form of the hamsa hand or the evil eye. It may also come as a solid piece of metal with the inscription of the 72 Names of God or a prayer.

Whenever you wish to honor your mother, give her a jewelry that carries with it a value that is priceless beyond words.