Monday, March 5, 2012

Elijah's Cup plays an imporant role in the Passover Seder Ritual

Elijah's cup has a symbolic significance in the Passover Seder ritual. During the Seder, there are four expressions to describe our redemption involving the Exodus from Egypt and the birth of the Jewish nation. This is why we have five cups of wine. The first means “I will take you out”, the second means “I will save you”, the third means “I will redeem you” and the fourth means “I will take you as a nation”.

The fifth cup is Elijah’s Cup and plays an important role in the Seder.

Filling Up Elijah's Cup 

As dictated by tradition, at the end of the Seder meal a cup of wine is poured. This is what is known as Elijah’s Cup. It is filled and placed in the open front door of the home at which time there are Psalm verses recited to ask G-d to take his wrath and rain it down upon the oppressors and persecutors of the Jewish peoples. According to legend, at that very moment the home is graced by Elijah’s presence. This is a very old part of the Jewish tradition and there are several meanings behind it.

One meaning is connected to the description of Passover found in the Torah. Passover night is a guarded night when long ago G-d wrapped himself around the Jews in protection. This was His protection from the plaque that killed the first born Egyptian babies and the night that His protection over His chosen people was most obvious. By opening our doors and placing the wine in the threshold, we are showing the trust we still have in him to provide us with protection.

By opening up our doors we are opening up our hearts and home to Elijah and allowing him in. We don’t just do this on the eve of Seder. We also hold his presence dear when our male children are circumcised. During this special ceremony Elijah testifies that the Jews are scrupulous in regard to the mitzvah of the circumcision and testifies that all the men who are present at the ceremony are circumcised as well. 

This is an exciting time for the Jewish children as they all gather around Elijah’s cup to see if maybe they can glance a ripple in the wine. Any sort of movement gives hope that the prophet has actually joined them. This is a fun game of pretend when you are a child, but Elijah’s role in history is nothing to joke about. His cup holds special meaning for the Jewish people and serves as an inspiration, giving a deeper meaning and focus to the Seder.

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