Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hebrew speaking dictionary - a great find to anyone who learns Hebrew

If you're interested in learning Hebrew, or knows someone who does, here's a perfect gift for you- Hebrew speaking dictionary. Thanks to modern technology, this product can totally change your learning experience.

Hebrew, the sacred language of the bible, is meaningful to every Jewish person. Looking back 60 years ago, it is astonishing to think that Hebrew wasn't used on a daily basis until 1948, when Israel was established. Many Jewish American today learn Hebrew to strengthen the bond with their heritage and the state of Israel.

This dictionary is produced with this audience in mind. The Hebrew speaking dictionary uses a human voice that allows you to hear how the word is pronounced in Hebrew.

With this Hebrew speaking dictionary it will be easier for you to speak and read Hebrew.

The dictionary contains a two-way dictionary in Hebrew and English, and other benefits: an organizer, diary, alarm clock, telephone and address book. This product is only available on the internet, you can click on the image tto purchase the item in special price at Israel catalog.

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