Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hebrew music makes a wonderful gift – it's food for the soul 365 days a year.

Hebrew music has a strong appeal to many Jewish people around the world. Hebrew is an ancient language as well as sacred, and it has a very unique sound to it. The use of Hebrew in music is more common these days. Looking back 60 years ago, it is astonishing to think that Hebrew wasn't used on a daily basis until Israel was established.

Popular Hebrew music often originates in Israel who has exported lots of talented male and female singers.

I have chosen to introduce you to Hebrew music that gives voice to the unique cultural diversity in Israel. Popular Hebrew music today includes western and eastern influences, often accompanied by traditional hymns and prayers. A great example would be The Idan Raichel Project . Today Idan Raichel and his fellow singers tour America and around the world. Watch the interview with Idan Raichel project.

The Idan Raichel Project is an example to how extremely different cultures merge together in Israel, and to how much soulful Hebrew music can be. Many of the artists who sing in these two projects are Israeli immigrants: Hebrew is their second language, they have learned it as they emigrated to Israel or in Hebrew school in their mother countries.

Gaya is an Israeli music group of Israeli newcomers from Africa, both East and West. Gaya's hit song "Yachad" which means together, has literally become a national anthem. Click here to listen to it, I assure you won't be able to resist their energies!
The famous and catchy chorus translates to: together, heart to heart, we will open our hearts and see the light in the sky, we will open our hearts to love".

This moving music expresses pain and optimism at the same time. Hebrew music unfolds the amazing story of Jewish people who have returned to Israel after two thousands years with many difficulties and lots of hope and dreams.

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