Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Amazing wall hanging Hamsa by Israel artist Ester Shahaf

I think this amazing gift speaks for itself! This is one of Canaan-online best-sellers. The piece is handmade and signed by the artist, Ester Shahaf.

Ester Shahaf is one of the most productive Israeli Judaica artist. Ester Shahaf skillfully combines western and oriental influences to create her signature look. The Hamsa hand, which can easily be hung on a wall is meticulously hand-painted and decorated with Swarovski crystals, brass copper accent and beads.

This unique design includes two prominent Jewish motifs  The Hamsa hand, a traditional symbol against the evil eye and a dove - he ultimate symbol of peace. Together they two symbols create a wonderful Jewish amulet that will add warmth to any living room. 

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  1. The tallit designs range from traditional to modern.According to classical Rabbinic Judaism only boys and men are required to wear it at various points of their lives as Jews, and many regard it as compulsory.