Monday, March 2, 2009

Passover's New Ritual Object– Miriam's Cup

In honor of the International Women's Day (March, 8), I'd like to introduce you to a modern ritual object that's enjoyed a growing popularity in recent years. In Passover, Miriam's Cup is placed on the Seder table beside Elijah's cup and is filled with water. This ritual represents Miriam's miraculous well that provided water to the Israelites in the Sinai desert. Miriam's Cup draws our attention to the significance of women in the Bible that otherwise might have been marginalized.

If you're looking for original and modern Jewish gifts, Miriam's Cup is a great idea. I find Miriam's Cup a wonderful addition to the festive Seder dinner that any woman would appreciate. Passover is a great time to celebrate freedom and equality!

You can purchase a colection  Miriam's Cup in
If you'd like to read more about Miriam's Cup click here.

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