Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dad Artist!

Today, in my modest Jewish gifts blog, I'd like you to meet a young artist from Israel called Guychook, or as I like to call him - Dad artist. Guychook lives and works in Israel and creates these delightful pieces.

When asked why he started to draw, Guychook's replied:

"The pictures I draw are meant to put a smile on anyone who looks at them. I have had this need since childhood, to simply make people laugh."

This might not be a common idea for a Jewish gift, but it well reflects current Israeli mood - the need to smile. In my mind it makes a wonderful and an original gift for anyone with a child, or for your own children. I actually purchased one of Guychook's works for my brother's birthday, who is 23 years old…I say, if as you are young at heart, that's all that counts! Visit Guychook's fantasy world at the Jewish gifts website.

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