Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beautiful Caesarea!

I've just come back from a short trip to Caesarea , the famous seafront Israeli town built around archeological sites that date back to hundred of years BC. Caesarea is probably best known for it magnificent archeological sites.

There is a Judaica studio in Caesarea that operates by a husband and wife, Alice and Brian Bergner, who together create an amazing collection of collectible Jewish gifts. Their works include mezuzah cases, jewelry and home d├ęcor.

Anyone who takes a look at their works can feel how these two artists draw inspiration from their surroundings.

Some of my favorite works by this studio will be specially liked by anyone who enjoys Israel's ancient sites. This mezuzah case is a great example to these artists' magnificent ability to reflect the ancient atmosphere of Israeli historical sites as Jerusalem. Several mezuzah cases designed by Caesarea Arts studio are carved using real Jerusalem stone.

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