Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting ready for Hanukah

Hi everyone,

My name is Odelya and I'm from Israel. In this blog I would like to intorduce you to Judaica artworks that are handmade by Israeli artists. The items that I'll tell you about are the ones that touch my heart or provoke my imagination.

Next week, almost every family in Israel will kindle the candles of the Hanukah Menorah. You can actually walk down the main streets and see lights sparkling at every window.

Hanukah makes specail family moments at the Jewish home. I'm especially fond of colorful Hanukah Menorahs. Hanukah Menorahs can really add to the cheerful spirit of the holiday in which we celebrate freedom and victory.

Just take a look at this picture above for example, doesn't it make you smile?

You can find this Menorah and others at

Hanukah Menorahs in artistic designs make wonderful gifts for almost any occasion that are both decorative and handy.

Happy Hanukah!

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